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  • Sonicare Toothbrushes

    One of our best Patient Resource is that we personally use the Sonicare diamond brushes and have found them to be reliable, easy to clean and the most effective shape for plaque removal.

  • MI Paste

    This product is great for sensitive teeth.

    MI Paste:

    -Relieves tooth sensitivity
    -Does not irritate dry mouths caused by certain medications
    -Helps minimize tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleaning
    -Helps minimize tooth sensitivity after whitening procedures
    -Is helpful during orthodontics relative to helping control (or reduce) dentin hypersensitivity
    -Is not a toothpaste; it is a topical tooth crème that can be used safely several times daily

    Use MI Paste:

    -For desensitizing
    -For sensitivity due to before and after teeth whitening

    For children six years and under and pregnant women

  • CTX Rinses

    Patients that are more prone to decay will benefit from CTX products.


    -Reversing bacterial selection pressure
    -Neutralizing decay causing acids
    -Fluoride for remineralization
    -Long term prevention/maintanance
    -Maintain healthy oral environment

    Indicated for

    -Patients with decay
    -Moderate and High risk patients with low biofilm challenge
    -Patients with low saliva flow/poor saliva
    -Patients with a destructive/acidic diet
    -Patients with bad breath (halitosis)
    -Patients with sensitivity
    -Patients with dry mouth or medication induced xerostomia


    -Alcohol Free
    -3 grams of xylitol per dose
    -25% Xylitol

    Patent-pending pH+ technology

  • Insurance Information

    The majority of insurance companies allow for direct billing for treatment, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your specific insurance please let our administration team know and they will be happy to help you figure out your specific plan.

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