Children’s Dentistry

Caring For Your Child’s Teeth – West 85th Dental Can Help Keep Your Child Smiling

West 85th Dental in SW Calgary understands that a child’s smile is a prized vision and that helping to care for a young patient’s oral health is a responsibility that is taken very seriously. Dr. Reena Kaloti’s and Dr. Raman Minhas’ dedication to providing professional, caring, and up-to-date dental care to children of all ages, means that both parents and children choose this SW Calgary Dental Office for all of their family’s dental needs.

Providing comprehensive dental care to children in SW Calgary – from toddlers to pre-schoolers, to tweenies and young adults – West 85th Dental focuses on establishing, preventing, and treating various dental concerns that are dominant in children of certain ages. Whether it’s educating and drawing attention to the preventable issues caused by Baby Bottle Caries, Thumb Sucking, and risk for Dental Cavities due to a high sugar diet, or lack of effective brushing and flossing – this SW Calgary Dental Office understands the dental challenges that are common to young patients and make every effort to provide solutions to keep everyone smiling. Recognizing the unique issues that pre-teens and young adults face, such as wisdom teeth extraction, teeth whitening, and orthodontic treatmentWest 85th Dental delivers dental care that caters to the evolving needs of your child’s oral health.

Dr. Reena Kaloti and Dr. Raman Minhas‘ strives to offer flexibility and adaptability to customize dental appointments and treatment plans that fits the age of the patient and dental concerns. Working closely with experienced hygienists and assistants; Dr. Kaloti and her team ensures that each appointment is a relaxed and happy event – and addresses all of your child’s dental requirements. Offering Children’s Dentistry that includes:

Routine Cleanings and Checkups
Digital X-rays
Tooth Extractions
Tooth Colored Fillings
Orthodontic Treatment
Teeth Whitening
Custom Sports Guards

Contact West 85th Dental today and schedule an appointment for you and your family – Accepting New Patients 403.246.5545